Welcome to Casual Commander Podcast!

This podcast is all about the Commander, or EDH, format of the card game Magic: The Gathering. We cover all topics, including deck construction tips, new set reviews and predictions, trivia, and more! Released once a week, this is a laid-back, relaxed podcast for anyone looking to get a good laugh in while playing Commander.

Who are the hosts?

Your hosts are Chris and Tim, both Commander aficionados. Chris has been playing MTG on and off for his entire life but has recently picked up Commander as his primary format. In 2020, Chris got Tim into playing Magic, and they have not looked back since.

We decided to create a podcast because we both love the game of Commander. Also, we wanted to engage more with the MTG community because it is made up of a bunch of wonderful people. Some of our best memories are sitting down at a four-player pod of Commander and having a wonderful time playing.

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